Bullsh*t Dating Moves that People Pull that Are Well... Completely Bullsh*t

The dating game can kinda suck but if you know how to avoid the bullsh*t and stop pulling the bullsh*t yourself, it can suck a little less. Here are a few ridiculous moves that people, myself included, run that are signs to GTFO. All in all, if someone is truly interested in you, it will be clear as crystal-- like the really expensive diamond kind of crystal. 

1) "Yes, we should definitely make a plan!" Without actually setting a date or time. 

I have never in my history of dating or hanging out with people in general ever said this to someone who I actually wanted to spend time with. Any version of this line is a waste of your time. My suggestion? If someone says this to you, respond with "yes, that sounds good... let me know when you're free." Ball is in their court and chances are, you won't hear from them until the next time they say the same thing. 

2) "I'm so sorry, I've just been so busy with [insert some random thing here]." 

You are never too busy to find time for people you care about or want to get to know. Grace works 100+ hours a week and still sees her bf at least 4 out of 7 days. 

Oh I'm Sorry, I'm Busy That Day

3) "Ahh sorry, just seeing this now." 

I might be outing myself here butttttttt if you don't get a response from me within an hour, it means one of two things. Either 1) I am dead or 2) I don't know how/ I don't want to respond to you right now. Everyone has their own texting styles but responding in a timely manner is usually effortless when you want to speak to the person. 

If I ignore it... will it go away?

4) "I just can't get into something serious right now." 

Read: "I just can't get into something serious right now, WITH YOU. And probably will never want to either. Sure, I have some other commitment issues but chances are those would be far less of a problem if I was with the right person." 

5) Not texting you but always replying when you text them. 

This is the person who doesn't want to seem like an a*shole but definitely is an a*sshole. They don't mind having you in their back pocket because, obviously you are a cool cat 😺 but they also don't give that many sh*ts about you either. Don't waste your time with this kind of person because let's be real, this situation feels just as lame as not hearing from the person at all.

6) "I want to be exclusive but not official."

This is a super slick way of saying, I want to have a consistent f*ck but not owe you anything. I'm guilty of doing this. When my ex boyfriend and I started dating, I struggled for over a month about whether or not I wanted to commit to him, so I strung him along with this bullsh*t. Eventually, he called me out on my crap and I was forced to figure out what I actually wanted. My point is... don't waste your time with this sort of thing. Commit or don't-- time usually won't change the outcome. 

Can't get fired if you don't have a job meme

7) "I just can't give you the attention you deserve." 

If someone says this to you, it is not that they can't, it's that they don't want to. It also means that there is a 100% chance that you DO deserve better. 

At the end of the day, timing is everything and with the right person, there are never any excuses. My apologies that this article doesn't exactly lift the spirits but it's here as a reminder to cut messing with people and to exit stage left when you feel like you are being messed with. If it's going to work, it will and you won't have to be guessing every step of the way. 

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