The 5 Guys Not to Date If You Want a Successful Career

It's great to just have fun when you're into it, but if you're looking for a relationship to compliment your career, these are the guys to stay away from and some of our personal experiences with them...

The one that's going nowhere.

This guy is in his mid-to-late 30's and is still stuck at his entry-level job. While he's a nice guy, he poses no challenge for you hard working ladies. He's the guy that does the bare minimum in the office and the bare minimum in a relationship. If you're looking for a house husband who cooks and cleans (sometimes), then look no further. But if you're looking for someone to motivate you, then look for someone who can motivate themselves first.

The one that texts you after midnight.

Whether you've met or not, this is the guy who texts you at inappropriate times of the day, typically not sober, asking you to come over to "Netflix and Chill." He doesn't respect your time, and he doesn't have the graciousness to take you on a real date. This type of guy won't work for a successful woman because he's simply a distraction - he isn't going to be around for the long haul, but just when it's convenient for him. 

"For me, this was 'Stoop Guy.' This was a Bumble Match gone wrong - after six months of 1:00a.m. drunk texts, I was out one night, a little tipsy, when Stoop Guy sent his typical 'Hey, what's up? Wanna come over?' message. Deciding, 'why not?,' but also not wanting to be murdered by a rando, we agreed to meet on his stoop to chat. If the 1:00a.m. texts weren't enough of a red flag, he was single-handily swigging wine out of the bottle when I approached his apartment building. But even after that, I decided he wasn't a murderer, and we ventured up to his apartment. Red Flag #3: He immediately opened his fridge to reveal a not-so-mini liquor store, and absolutely nothing else. Segway to him explaining that no New Yorker cooks for themselves and how he's "an alcohol aficionado," when without warning, he tried to kiss me. I decided that was one red flag too many and I ran out the door." - The Girl Who'd Rather Have Her Wine In a Glass

The one that needs a babysitter.

This is the guy who might be a little too close to his mom, who needs constant attention, and who is always looking to you for the decision making. While you might be looking for your zaddy, he's looking for his "zommy" - and not in the hot way. Although it can be empowering to make decisions in the office, you need a man to be your equal in the relationship.

The one that's too obsessed with his career.

We all want a successful man, but is there such a thing as too successful? Probably not, but you need a guy who respects your time as much as he respects his own. He's married to his career, when he should be married to you. While it's sexy to have ambition, the hard-working lady needs a man who knows the time for work and the time for play. It's all about the act of balance. 

"For me, this was 'The Analyst.' We would have solid plans scheduled for days, but his work always came first. He was constantly obsessing over when I was leaving to come over, when he hadn't even left the office yet. After the arduous trek to the other side of Manhattan, I would receive a text cancelling the plans because he was going to be 'late at the office.'" - The Girl Who Was Always On the Clock

The one that's always on his phone.

This is the scariest guy of them all. If you can't trust someone, then you have no business being with them. This is the guy that's always texting, a little too weird about being away from his phone, and always has a creative answer for why he disappears for days at a time. He isn't interested in you, he's just interested in the next best thing - and since you are the best thing, you're wasting your time. 

"Wonder what it's like to date a guy that's dating someone else at the same time? For me, this guy was 'Tall, Dark and Too Handsome.' After 3 years of a 'steady relationship,' you think you know someone. Until one day, you see Girlfriend #2 comment "Babe <3" on his Instagram, and suddenly everything makes sense - why he's always texting, why he won't go anywhere without his phone and why he disappears for days at a time." - The Girl Who is Young, Dumb and Heartbroken

The one...

Ultimately, the choice is yours. The only rule we have for this guy is that he supports you, your career and your achievements - and you do the same for him. 



I might have a few to add, cause, oh boy, we could go on for days, ladies!

the “ Peter Pan”: this is the guy in his 40’s or mid 40’s still trying to figure out his life and going out every night like a 21-year-old would. A true Vampire: he drains your energy and you’re so hypnotized by him that you start missing meetings and forgetting your priorities. Do not fall into his trap! the “Musician” : who wouldn’t fall for the artsy guy living the gypsy life and making you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet?! Well, I did. A bunch of times. And then realized that his Ego was almost as big as the list of the “other” most beautiful women on (his) the planet. Better not listen to that kind of music, I guess.

Love this article and your clothes! Thanks for sharing, Poize Team. Can’t wait for the next blog post!:)



Omg I’ve just moved on from being a “Zommy”! I loveee this article

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