Take a Break Like a #BossBabe

When to take a break?

We all know that conquering the world doesn’t happen overnight. Being a boss and making big moves can take a toll on mental and physical resources. That’s right, we’re talking about burnout. It happens to the most independent boss babes. It is oh so important to take a step back and assess what your needs are.

How do I make time for this while kicking ass and taking names?

Good question. Checking in with yourself daily is a habit that needs to be built up over time. You can start by journaling about your day, or even setting a reminder on your phone to check in with yourself mentally and physically.

Checking in physically can look like: 

1) Taking deep belly filling breaths and assessing if and where you might have aches or tension. 
2) Asking yourself if all of your needs are met is another good way to check in. Have you eaten? If so when was the last time? Did you get enough sleep the night before? Have you been staying hydrated?

These are just a few small gestures of self kindness that can lead to feeling a lot better. 

Checking in mentally is just as important! This can look like: 

1) Learning to take time away from your screens 
2) Learning to be okay with not constantly doing something
3) Focusing your attention on one thing at a time to make sure you don’t overwhelm your brain 

Just like checking in physically, this can become a habit and needs to be built.

Cartoon girl in pink top and navy blue skirt in mediating position.

Setting a timer to remind yourself to read a book and to stay off your emails for a while can be a good tactic. 

Another simple way is to make a concerted effort to be present throughout the day, taking five minutes to notice your surroundings, smells, the light and the sounds. This can bring us back to moments of awareness when we are too caught up in our work.

My favorite way to take a break is by going for a walk in a park. It never fails to lighten my mood after a long day in the office. Take breaths to enjoy your own company and feel good about a long day’s hard work.

Fall image of bridge at prospect park in new york

Lastly, ahhh yes, the well known trend of ‘treat-yo-self.’

Not all ways of taking a break need to break the bank, but if you got a little extra to spend on a day at the spa or a facial these are great tactics to “take a break.” 

My personal favorite is booking a session of acupuncture to destress, and release tension! 

Being a boss babe is a full time job, but being a boss babe also requires that you are functioning at your very best!

Blog by Melissa C. 

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