The Ultimate Suit for Each Body Type

We encourage you to wear anything your heart desires but if you're at all concerned about dressing for your body type, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the Ultimate Suit. 
Rectangular: Straight Hips and Straight Body Line
Boyfriend Blazer & Wide-Leg Pants 
Because you have a pretty streamlined frame, the extra fabric of the boyfriend blazer doesn't add much bulk and flatters your long lines. Adding a wide-leg pant continues the lengthening effect. 
Wide-Leg Pant with Double Button Blazer
Triangular: Shoulders, Bust and Wasit Much Smaller than Hips
Cigarette Pant or Pencil Skirt & Structured, Strong-Shouldered Blazer
If you carry the majority of your weight on your bottom half, balancing it out with a strong-shouldered blazer is always the move. This type of blazer adds to the appeal by accentuating your waist and giving you that hourglass look. 
Black Structured Blazer with Pencil Skirt  
Apple: Full Bust & Waist, Wider Shoulders 
Pencil Skirt & Loose Blazer 
A pencil skirt and loose blazer highlight your favorite features: your arms and legs. The high-waisted skirt and less-structured cut of the blazer de-emphasize your middle section.   
Loose Black Blazer with Black Cigarette Pants
Pencil Skirt
Hourglass: Wide Bust,  Narrow Waist and Wide Hips
High Waisted Pant & Tailored Blazer 
One word: Tailored 
Show off your waist by pairing a tailored blazer with high-waisted, straight or cigarette pants. This will highlight your beautiful curves! 
Light Blue Blazer and Tailored Pant
Inverse Triangle: Broader Shoulders & Narrow Waist  
Wide-Leg Pant & Fitted Blazer 
For you gals with wider shoulders, pair a wide-leg pant with a cropped, fitted blazer to balance our your top and bottom half. 
White Cropped Blazer   White Culottes

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