Trending Sex Toys You Need To Try This Holiday Season


1. Crystal Toys 

Crystals have become sensual and spiritual objects so why not incorporate them into your sex life too. This natural material comes in all shapes and sizes to bring you a sense of sacredness and healing. 

2. Vibrating Necklace


These products are for all you Poize ladies - they are thoughtfully designed for elegance and sophistication. Crave specially launched these products for subtle, feminine satisfaction. 


3. Lipstick Vibrator


This is another way to add a subtle femininity to your sex life. Easy to use, discreet and re-chargeable, this Lipstick Vibrator is great for on the go and easy to carry in your purse.  


4. Butt Plug


If you’re new to the butt game this plug is a playful way to enter into it.... (pun intended). 


5. Wearable Vibes

Whether you’re downloading the app on your phone or on your partners this wearable vibrator is hands-free.  


6. Fifty Shades of Grey Play Set



Fifty Shades has made kinky sex mainstream. Although the price point of this particular set is usually high, we highly recommend it for its versatility, as it comes with all your A-Z sex toy needs. 

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