Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Your S/O

Valentine's Day is not far away - less than 2 weeks in fact! Whether you are in a relationship or not, get your s/o (girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, best friend, friend) a small gift to show you appreciate them. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romance, it can be just a simple gesture of love and gratefulness.

Here are some gift ideas that can show your person that they mean something to you:

1. Sport's Team Apparel

It's personal and it means you know them well! Plus you have a huge variety of prices and merchandise to choose from. 

Check out: Fans Edge and search the team your s/o supports 

2. A Novel 

Check out - Less by Andrew Sean Greer

It's about a man who avoids his ex's wedding by going on a trip around the world. 

Click HERE to buy 

3. Low Light Plants Monthly Subscription

Living in the concrete jungle means there isn't much greenery to enjoy to help you feel close to nature. Add a little shrubbery to your city space to clean the air and bring some lively energy to the room.

Check out The Sill's Low Light Potted Plant Monthly Subscription 

4. Small Leather Accessories

Whether it's a (belated) 2020 Diary, a Card Holder or a Briefcase, you can pick the gift suitable for your s/o. They are great working people staples - giving a sophisticated and dressed-to-impress vibe. 

Check out Aspinal of London and get your personalized small leather gift 40%!

5. Eau de Toilette 

This can be a tricky one because each person has their own scent style but if you know what someone likes then this is a great personal gift.  

Check out all the perfumes and fragrances you could possibly want to give at The Perfume Shop

6. Coffee Subscription

For all you working people out there, we know you run on coffee. Rise & grind (pun intended) am I right? Fuel your busy s/o's day and gift them with a coffee subscription. 

Check out Driftaway Coffee's Customizable Subscription

7. Liquor Gift Set

This gift isn't for your vodka water friends but instead for someone who values the "aromas" or "notes" of a fine liquor or spirit. Flaviar is an exclusive subscription club that gifts the receiver with the world's best artisan liquors and spirits. It's a great, long lasting gift for your sophisticated s/o.

Check out Flaviar

8. Cosy Throw Blanket or New Decor Pillows

This is a fabulous gift if you've just moved in with someone or if you know your roommate wants to change your place up a bit. We all know that interior decor can be expensive though so, if you are worried about that, check out Wayfair - they offer Afterpay (just like Poize) meaning that you can "buy now and pay later".

Click HERE for Wayfair

9. Leather Bound Photo Album 

Personalize this gift even further by adding your own photos together as a snapshot of the memories you already hold, make sure to leave a little space for your future snaps.

Check out Rustico for rustic, genuine-leather gifts  

10.  Massage or Spa Day 


We all dream of these gifts! How nice does a 60-minute Swedish massage or a Face Scrub sound right about now? Sooo nice!! If you buy your s/o a spa day or treatment, you could go together! Or do a couples treatment (even if you are just friends, who cares!) 

Check out Spa Finder for the best deals! 

11. Take them for dinner at their favorite cuisine (probably not on Valentine's Day)

This is a tricky one to do on the day of Valentine's Day because every restaurant is v. expensive and v. busy on the night but why does it have to be on that day? Take your s/o to their favorite restaurant or for their favorite food.   

12. Theatre or Concert Tickets


Heard of any shows or plays in town lately you've been dying to see? Well...you now have a great excuse to spend a bit of money...Valentine's Day! Take your s/o with you and gift yourself as well. 

Download TodayTix for some great deals!

13. Incense for their Vibe

LA meets NYC in this startup incense brand, Hellavibes. Wether its grind, relax, explore or wander - pick the perfect vibe for your s/o's aura. Secret tip - this is a great brand to give a non-incense user - it eases you in slowly. 

Check out hellavibes

14. A Game ;) 

The reason this has a winky face next to it is because if you are in a romantic relationship and want to spice up your sex life, Cosmo's Kinky Truth or Dare game is a great place to start. However, if you aren't in a romantic relationship, you can just give your s/o a board or card game. It's something you can do together and something they can keep forever. 

Check out Amazon for some naughty and nice games 

Happy Valentine's Day Poize Ladies! Whether you are single or in a relationship, show someone how much they mean to you - it's important.

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