How to Celebrate Summer While Respecting COVID and Wearing A Mask

How to Celebrate Summer While Respecting COVID and Wearing A Mask 
It's summer for us New Yorkers and there is nothing that we love more than celebrating the sun, hanging with friends at outdoor bars and taking weekend trips to our favorite beaches. Although there are plenty of people who have already ditched the masks and returned to "normal" life, there is also a large portion of the population who are taking a more cautious approach... we are STILL in the middle of a global pandemic after all. No matter what end of the spectrum that you fall on, its important to continue to respect the wishes of your friends, the general public and the law (not to get too serious)... 
All that being said, the warm weather and sunshine brings out our best and most socal selves. Find below a list of things you can do to celebrate the summer while still being respectful of this Coronavirus and the people who are suffering or have suffered as a result. 
1) Go to the Beach or Park 
2) Make your own ice cream: Here is how to do it without an ice cream maker
Ice Cream
3) Go for a scenic drive with your windows down (okay so we know your car probably doesn't look like this... but its a cute pic). 
Old Car
4) Make a fun new cocktail (check out this super easy Peach Cocktail with Bourbon) 
Peach Cocktail
5) Raining out? No prob-- create a pillow fort and watch a movie
Pillow Fort  
6) Buy some potted plants and watch them grow... seems silly, I know but it can be a fun project to pass the time. AND super rewarding if you can actually keep them alive 
Potted Plants
7) Mix and match your work pants with casual summer tops for some fresh new looks to show off to your co-workers when you return to the office. If you're in full on ~relax~ mode and can't be bothered to think of your future work clothes, check out our NEW black jumpsuit... easy to throw on and short sleeved for the warm weather.
Black Jumpsuit
Other Ideas? Leave your thoughts in the comments! And Wear A MASK! 

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