Not a Feminist

40% of New York women surveyed, age 18-34, said they would not consider themselves feminist.
Yes. We will repeat that. 40% of New York women surveyed, age 18-34, said they would not consider themseleves feminist. If you are as shocked by that statistic as we were, you'll be happily reminded that statistics are often bullsh*t.
Our short answer follow up: "Why would you not consider yourself feminist?"
The majority of responses to this question didn't, in fact, preclude these women from our definition of "feminism." Instead, it became clear that they were based on personal preconceptions of what feminism could mean.
Among the most illuminating comments were:
"Feminists now seems to be so extra - above and beyond. I am just pro woman."
"I firmly believe in female empowerment; however, I would not label myself a feminist."
The technical definition of feminism according to google dictionary is simply: "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes." Today, however, feminists have been unfortunately stereotyped, according to a Berry College Women's Studies article, as men-hating, bra-burning, anti-feminine, angry individuals. UM, WHAT? Let me know when you meet someone like this.
As with any movement that evokes change, feminism needs its fearless leaders to be 110% willing to go all the way to fight for what they want. If you choose not shave your armpits or legs, because who effing cares, then that's amazing - go you - be you. But to our sisters who choose to fit into the naked mole rat category, know that feminism can mean much more.
Both the terms "I am just pro women," and "I firmly believe in female empowerment," align with Poize's definition of feminism. It is our personal belief, and interpretation of our results, that the individuals quoted above, along with many others, are feminist but don't identify as such due to misconceptions of what the feminist movement is.
Make FEMINISM what you want it to be and don't dispute your belief in #girlpower just because you don't necessarily agree with every expression of the movement.
Poize believes that femininity and feminism can coexist and that women are equal but different.
As a brand we hope to empower women in their femininity. We will do this through:
1. Our products:
As more women seek high- status, corporate careers in historically male-dominated industries, we hope to provide you with work wear that gives you confidence in your femininity, individuality and style. Fashion is a way to express who you are - your uniqueness.
2. Our models:
We recognize that, like many things in life, body types lie on a spectrum. No one person has the same body as another and that is fabulous! It is our expectation to have models that represent the women we are selling to: curvy, skinny, athletic etc. The entire spectrum – not just the two ends.
3. Our Vision:
We don’t want you to blend into the world - we want you to stand out and be confident in your individuality. We want to get rid of boxy, ill-fitted pant suits that acknowledge equality but not individuality with their more masculine looks. We want to you to show off your femininity. We want you to show off your body.  
We are always here to be your champion. Let's partner to make a mark. We believe in women, we believe in you. Be yourself.
Poize Team

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