POP QUIZ: 8 Trivia Questions about Women in History...

This current climate can be exhausting and frustrating, we want to lighten up your mood with a fun POP QUIZ about women throughout history!

* The answers are visible through the clickable link at the bottom. Make sure to keep track of your answers as you go.

1. In what year was the first African-American woman elected to the U.S Senate?
a. 1993
b. 1950
c. 1922
d. 1978

2. Which First Lady held women-only press conferences?
a. Jacqueline Kennedy
b. Melania Trump
c. Eleanor Roosevelt
d. Mary Todd Lincoln

3. Who was NASA's first Black female engineer?
a. Donna Auguste
b. Katherine Johnson
c. Mae Jemison
d. Mary Jackson

4. What Ancient civilization gave women equal rights to the throne?
a. Ancient Rome
b. Ancient Greece
c. Ancient Egypt
d. Mesopotamia

5. Which woman served as the guide and interpreter of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
a. Pocahontas
b. Lozen
c. Sacagawea
d. Enid Gordon-Gallien

6. Who was the first Chinese American movie star, appearing in more than 50 movies beginning in the 1920s?
a. Merle Oberon
b. Anna May Wong
c. Miyoshi Umeki
d. Jadin Wong

7. What is the name of the Mexican artist who began painting self-portraits after she was severely injured in a bus accident?
a. Frida Kahlo
b. Leonora Carrington
c. Elizabeth Catlett
d. María Izquierdo

8. Who was the first Woman With Poize?
a. Alexandra
b. Willa
c. Sydney
d. Sergina

All finished? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Now, for the real question - how many did you get right? See the answers!

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