Turning Empty New Year's Resolutions into Sustainable Life Practices

We have all been through the wringer this year and with New Year's resolutions in sight, anxiety for many, is mounting. This year, instead of creating empty New Year's resolutions we urge you, if you feel it is within your power, to take on daily practices that are simple but make a huge impact. After all, little things can make a big difference! We have pulled together a few New Year's resolutions and broken them down into bite sized steps that will create sustainable, lifelong practices. 

Happy New Year

  1. Rethink the typical goal of “I want to lose weight.”  Instead, say “If I am feeling overwhelmed, moving my body might be a good way to recenter myself!” Sometimes all you need to do is substitute sedentary activities with moving ones. Swap elevators for stairs and sitting while folding the laundry to standing. These small steps (no pun intended) will make a huge difference in the long run... (still no pun intended haha)

  2. Hide your “self” view on Zoom. Post-quarantine, plastic surgeons observed a spike in requests for their services. That likely has something to do with the fact that we’re all getting intimately familiar with how our faces look on-screen thanks to hours and hours of video calls. Instead of forcing yourself to "lose weight" or get up earlier to put on makeup, making small moves to love yourself is much more productive in the long run. 

  3. Examine your relationship with substances. Many people have taken to alcohol and marijuana to cope during Covid. We are not suggesting to go cold turkey because empty and seemingly random "rules” rarely stick for the long term. Rather, consider how these vices make you feel and how you might be able to replace some of them with more productive habits. Mocktails anyone? 

  4. Clean out your social media. Delete the apps if you’re feeling it...who are we to say not to... but if that's not for you, consider curating you feeds. Get rid of pictures that don’t serve you (think ex boyfriends or skinny pics that make you feel bad about your current, beautiful self). Remove people you follow that aren’t authentic & don’t uplift you. And last but not least, put a timer on your social media so that you can gage your addiction haha 

If you want to create goals that reach for the stars, we don't want to stop you. But if you are coming off a rough year as many of us are, then we are here to tell you that not making New Year's resolutions is OKAY! Do what you need for you and know that changing even the small things can make a big difference. 



The Poize Team

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