Poize by Girl Talk HQ

This Workwear Label Combines Feminism & Femininity Into The Core Of Their Brand

Early into our brand development we ran a survey. We were creating Poize Workwear, a company founded on the principles of feminism and femininity in the workforce, and we wanted to know just how many women, in our demographic, would consider themselves feminist. 

We surveyed 523 New York, professional women age 18-34 and 40% of them said they would not consider themselves feminist. If you are as shocked by that statistic as we were, you’ll be happily reminded that statistics are often bullsh*t. Wanting to get to the root of their responses, we asked a follow up question:  “Why do you not consider yourself feminist?”

The majority of responses to this question didn’t, in fact, preclude these women from our definition of “feminism.” Instead, it became clear that they were based on negative preconceptions of what feminism could mean.

Our conclusion? The word feminism has lost its femininity. Ironically, feminism has become stereotypically masculine. It has somehow departed from its roots and acquired a sour taste.