"Illicit" Sex Acts

2020 means a more modern take on sex!

Sex is no longer a taboo subject and what turns you on should no longer be so embarrassing. This article lays out (pun intended!) traditionally "illicit" sex acts that you shouldn't be ashamed to explore.

1. Period Sex

No longer is period sex something you have to avoid. Ladies, we all know that our hormones fluctuate constantly and, especially, around our periods can get rather out of control. Being horny around and during your period is totally normal! Don't be embarrassed to spice things up and have sex on your period! Just make sure to double check with your SO that they are down to get a bit ~dirty.~

If you can't bare the thought of a mess though there are plenty of other ways to satisfy your body that don't have to include penetration. Take this opportunity to explore other areas!

2. Anal Play

Anal play and anal sex can be different! There is plenty of sensation outside and inside the booty, for both men and women. There are ways to have anal play that aren't painful or worrisome and are completely pleasurable. Try them out sometime...if you're curious.

3. Intimacy without sex

With the busyness of the modern world, time and relaxation are lacking but necessary. We all need to work on giving ourselves more time to reconnect with ourselves and the people around us. Often times, sex is a quick, rough and passionate activity, however it is important to slow down occasionally and make it more sensual and intimate. This can mean anything from taking a sensual bath, to kissing your SO's body passionately. Take time this COVID season to make yourself and your partner happy, in a relaxed way. 

4. Sex without sex

Huh? How? 

This may sound a little middle school but sex doesn't just have to be intercourse. 

For many people foreplay is just as important as the actual sex...in fact for some people it's even more important to reach orgasm. Don't be afraid to take your time and turn yourself on before getting to the end point. We aren't as easy as men ;)! Most women need more time than men to reach climax - don't be afraid to take that time.


Ladies, we have a great advantage in sex - multiple potential orgasms and... two orgasm points (clitoris and g-spot)! Use these to your advantage! We have the unique ability to orgasm both through traditional intercourse and simple foreplay...or both at the same time. 

We have double the chance of orgasming as men so why aren't we doing it more! Stereotypically, women are always trying to please others but let's try pleasing ourselves!

6. Sex Toys

To my last point, don't be afraid to bring sex toys into the mix and please yourself! If somethings not working for you in sex then bring in a helping hand. Satisfy your partner and yourself at the same time!

6. Voyeurism and Porn

Voyeurism is getting turned on by watching others naked or having sex. If you're turned on by anything from porn to romantic or erotic movies, then that is voyeurism. Voyeurism has historically been a dirty word, especially for women who aren't thought as being into porn or erotica. We all know that Fifty Shades of Grey changed that though! While porn and watching people have sex can be looked down upon, it's a totally normal thing to be turned on by. Don't be afraid to explore your sexual freedom - it's not just for men!

7. Online Sex

I mean come on! This type of sex act has definitely risen during COVID times. If you are lucky (or unlucky...depending on how it went) to have been living with your SO then in-person sex hasn't been a problem. For many people though, sex hasn't been easy lately, especially due to social distancing. Be imaginative and have sex over video chat or through text. It can be exciting to watch your partner get turned on and orgasm on the camera.

Don't be afraid to explore sex and explore what turns you. We are in 2020, women should no longer feel restricted by stereotypes placed upon them. Let's not swing the other way and forget the pleasure of others but let's put ourselves first and explore our desires. 

Sex is a great way to release stress and tension during this time!

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