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Swiping right (ugh, left)? Planning your next single gals-a-way trip? Going through a a sh*tty breakup? Picking that perfect date night spot? We got you! Here is your Sex Horoscope for this upcoming week.

(Inspired by Cosmo)


You're exhausted! You've been working really hard lately and all you want to do is Netflix and yourself. Have a relaxed night in - put on your favorite pjs, make some hot choco, and get under the covers to watch a chic flick. Perhaps an old classic - Pretty Woman? Take this time to rejuvenate - you need it and by tomorrow you'll feel ready to hit the town again. This week you'll be full of energy and ready for that hot hookup - climb them like a tree gurrl!


This is an intense week coming up for you. You're in for a DTR situation - you have to prepare yourself to have a major deep convo. Whether it leads from a hookup to a hitchup, or a breakup, you have to make sure you go into it knowing exactly what you want and what is best for you. Talk to your friends, let them help you but at the end of the day this is your decision to make!


Your intimacy and passion is lit the f*ck up this week! Be carefree and roll with it - you only live once girly. Stop thinking so hard about what's right and what's wrong and just go with it. We know the recent months have been hard on your love life - you've been going through the ultimate relationship, single, relationship again, rollercoaster. We know you've been thinking about it a lot - that gets tiring so, take a break from the mental and let the physical take over ;). Your sexy fire is lit, let it burn! 


You and your boo are floating on Cloud9 right now. It seems happy and perfect but be careful! Be honest with yourself and with your s/o. The clouds could dissipate at any minute! If there is turbulence ahead, deal with your problems by talking them through. Open communication is key!


Intimacy is in your stars this week. Forget the flings, you're going to fall in deep for one person. You'll find yourself having to give up that independence and freedom for someone you secretly know is worth it. Take a chance on them! For the rest of the weekend however, take it easy and relish your "you time" because things are going to heat up quickly. 


For wayyy too long your sex life has been drier than a piece of burnt toast in the desert. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate?! Do you want to continue this way or do you need to bite the bullet and make a change? This dry season has likely given you a negative outlook on relationships and love but don't worry, the stars have good things in them for you. Sex and love is headed your way - just make sure you're willing to go towards it!


I'm so sorry Libras but your stars aren't the most positive for you this upcoming week. You are going to feel a bit of loneliness and depletion. Make sure you find time to go out! Whether it's with your best pals, your fling, or s/o, it doesn't matter, just make sure you leave your house. It's going to be easy for you to get stuck in a "i feel sorry for me" mood but, don't let that happen. Gather your strength and try to have some fun - you never know what you might find!


Check all your DMs and the messages you might have forgotten about. Someone special could be waiting for you. As these conversations deepen, you might hear some things you don't want to but stick with them. They will be hard to take at times but your self growth will flourish. Stay true to yourself throughout this process but remember that learning from other people is important too. Having confidence with who you are and learning who you could be is a key balance to success.


The Capricorn craziness of this upcoming week is really killing your vibe but luckily the Leo moon is reducing the drama for you, so you can still have a little fun! Try something new and exciting in your sex life - this week is all about adding a bit of kink in the bedroom. Maybe invite someone new into the mix...?! ;) Don't set up something too fancy, you don't need an expensive date to have some well deserved excitement and happiness.


Capricorn means it's all about boundaries for you this upcoming week. Whether that's giving yourself some space and a little "you time" or defining a new relationship, just make sure to be clear and concise with what you want. As long as your direct in your communication you are up for a drama free week. Small things aren't important, remember the bigger picture and things will go your way. Positive vibes are in the stars for you. You're in luck - things will swing in your favor!


 Things have been rocky for you in your relationships recently, especially towards the end of 2019, but 2020 is bringing you some calm. You're finally going to give in to your s/o and let the good times roll. Venus entering Pisces, along with the Moon entering Virgo on Monday makes commitment and intimacy thematic in your life. You don't need a quickie fling, you need stability! This is good for you - it's going to help you become a little more dependent on you should (we all know how independent you Aquarians can be ;))!


Hope that clears things up for you. Have a great week Poize Ladies!


Credits: Cosmopolitan Magazine

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