Sex & Roommates

Have you ever been at the point of climax, about to 😳🙄😵 and something distracts you? I have! 

Living in a city like NYC, Boston, or DC is great but expensive! One of the best ways to cut down on the cost is to have a roommate... or 4. While most of us love our roomies, they do come with some complications to our sex lives. Our budget-friendly(ish) apartments mean small, less than sound-proof bedrooms, which makes privacy next to impossible.

My roommate and I have been living together for two months and we have both heard our fair share of sex noises. After being confronted the next morning with a joking ‘quite a show you put on last night’ comment, we both awkwardly laugh it off and continue on with our day. Although we are close friends, this encounter is always a little uncomfy and it forces us to consider “can she hear me?” every time things are getting hot and heavy. 

As women, reaching the O is more about what’s in our heads than anything else. So, when you hear the jiggle of your roomies keys in the lock mid hookup, it can shut down “the mood” pretty quickly. 

So… the question really is, how do we get over this hump (no pun intended) as friends and as roomies? 

Honestly, the best way is to be open and talk it out. We are girls and we love to gossip, so why not gossip about sex? We can’t laugh and joke about our weird sex fantasies or crappy hookups with anyone but our best girlfriends sooo.. GO FOR IT!

After one of my more rambunctious nights, my roommate and I were discussing the varying thicknesses of each wall in our apartment and she turned to me and said, “none of this would even matter if I was at my boyfriend’s.” She explained that she doesn’t feel self-conscious about being heard when she is gettin’ some at frat house extraordinaire: “They are boys-- they are always talking about sex. There is nothing quite as humbling as boy roomie #1 marching into your bedroom exclaiming, ‘sounded like a nice f%*k last night guys.” 

As vulgar as they can be, boys do get some things right. By being open about sex, it makes everything a little more comfortable for everyone. Bottom line-- we all ‘do it’ so as long as you are being respectful-- this should go without saying-- be down to get down. 

Alright, enough with the sex euphemisms. If you’re still feeling self-conscious, try having a bit of alcohol to calm your worries. Trust us - it helps!

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