Capsule Work Wear Wardrobe

Since we are busy, on-the-go women, a CAPSULE WARDROBE is the perfect solution that save time, space and $$$. 

Incase you're not familiar, a capsule wardrobe is a set number of pieces that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. Typically, you update the capsule every three months according to season and change out pieces as they stop fitting properly. 

Below we have created a spring/summer capsule work wear wardrobe! 

Step 1: Choose black or navy as your base color 

We would recommend black because it works with almost everything but if black is too harsh for you, navy or brown work too. 

Step 2: Select your neutral-color, coordinating essentials 

"Essentials" are considered tops and pants. "Neutral-color coordinating essentials" are these pieces in neutral colors (black, white, grey navy) -- easy enough to understand. 

Choose 5 bottoms in neutral colors: 

When choosing bottoms, select pieces that you can use for business formal, business casual, as well as smart casual settings. We recommend choosing both simple pants as well as skirts to diversify your capsule wardrobe to the best of its ability, while still being able to pair the pieces seamlessly with others.

Choose 5 tops in neutral colors:

It's important to choose classic pieces that will never go out of style. White button downs and airy black blouses are good examples of classic styles to choose while searching for tops. Light beige layers are also a great option to throw on both in and out of the office during the cooler spring and summer mornings.

Step 3: Choose your accent color

This is where you can show off your personal style and add fun spring/summer colors within the capsule wardrobe. Choose one or two of your favorite colors and add a few tops and bottoms to your collection. Your accent colors can range anywhere from light, simple shades such as blush pink and sky blue to eccentric colors like bright red and lime green. Whichever accent you choose, just make sure it compliments your base color. This is the perfect place to add a pop of color and brightness to your everyday work wear.

Step 4: Add Patterns and Layers

Once you've selected your base and accent colors, it's time to add some pattern to your closet. The most popular and versatile pattern for your stylish business outfits is a pinstripe piece. Depending on your base color, choose black or navy stripes. This pattern will compliment almost everything in your wardrobe. Other popular patterns to add for the spring and summer are floral, polka dots, and checkered. As always, keep your base color, as well as your accent color, in mind when choosing your pieces. 

Next, add a few blazers and light jackets to your collection for those cooler spring and summer days. These pieces are a great way to show off your personal style in the office. 

Step 5: Choose your Jewelry and Shoes

When choosing your jewelry, we suggest selecting simple pieces that can be matched with your entire wardrobe, including your accent color and prints. It's your choice whether to add in rose gold, gold, silver, two tones, or all four. Just make sure the accessories don't clash with your timeless outfits. If you outfit has a lot going on add simple jewelry; if its simple add statement accessories!

Next, it's time to add shoes. Choose a pair or two of classic black or navy shoes, depending on your base color, and continue on from there. A nude pair of heels or flats are also a spring/summer essential that will pair well with each piece in your closet. From there, choose a few more styles, such as sneakers or sandals for your days off. Make sure you are choosing shoes that are as comfortable as they are fashionable for your long office day.

Your capsule workwear wardrobe is now complete, and you're ready to mix and match all of your new pieces effortlessly! With your new wardrobe, you'll save time and money, and you'll look great doing it.

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