Degrees of Dress Formality

In the modern workplace where casual wear is more common, it is becoming increasingly hard to understand the importance of your attire. Dress is important! It starts and leaves an impression that give you the chance to stand out against everyone else in the competitive environment of the corporate world. 

There are degrees of dress formality and different occasions warrant different degrees. This post is here to insure you look and feel your best in every scenario, because when you dress up, you’ll move up

No. 1 (highest)

WHAT? Business Formal

WHERE TO WEAR IT (WTWI)? Client meeting, Meeting with your boss, Interview, a Pitch (essentially, any meeting with someone you want to impress)

The smartest of all - business formal! This degree requires a full suit - with an appropriate shirt/blouse underneath. Be bold and wear a well fitted, mainstream suit but with a pop of color or pattern. This way you will stand out in a professional but unique way. It is essential to wear these when meeting with someone in a higher position or with someone you want to impress - remember dress for success!

PS. Please excuse the photos above :/ unfortunately to look good most suits are photographed with no shirts underneath...rather irritating when you're trying to explain that's not how to wear them to leave an impression.


WTWI? Meeting with Your Team, Outing with Business Associates

The phrase 'smart casual' was first created in the 1920s but has crept in as more of a thing only in the past few years. This attire usually consists of a more casual version of a suit or business formal outfit. For example, putting a tank top or t-shirt under your blazer or wearing mules instead of pump high heels. I recommend this degree for interactions and meetings with your co-workers or associates - people in the same corporate position level as you. 


WHAT? Business Casual

WTWI? Day-to-day at the office

Comfy yet, smart! This outfit style needs to be the perfect balance of easy-to-wear but business appropriate. Business casual distinguishes that you are still in work mode while feeling at ease. It is the ideal degree to wear for your everyday workwear especially, as you can mix and match your casual wardrobe with your work wardrobe. For instance, wear your suit pants with a t-shirt or casual top. 

No. 4 (Lowest)

WHAT? Casual

WTWI? Out-of-hours


Ahhh the easiest of all...casual! Don't you just wish you could wear this all the time?! But....unfortunately, it doesn't stand out as a power outfit. This is cute to wear when going out with friends on the weekends but in work mode this is only really appropriate when you get called into the office on the weekend, or have to stay past the late hours of the night. This isn't the most motivating or highly impressionable degree of dress in the business world so try to avoid it (although it is cute and I've purposefully chosen cute, casual outfits ;))! 


Anyway, I hope that helped you all with the degrees of formal dress and when it is appropriate to wear all of them. Comment below if there is more information you need or if you have any questions!

Have a very Happy New Year! Let's make 2020 one where you stand out and get noticed! Who knows you might get a promotion at the end ;).

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