5 Tips to Power Dressing

We've heard it countless times since we were little girls -- "dress for success." While the phrase may be a timeless cliche, there's truth to it, and it can be put into practice by power dressing in the work place.

Power dressing has been revolutionized from wearing strictly wide shouldered black suits, to simply dressing in a way that makes you feel confident, competent and influential in the office. Essentially, power dressing is wearing clothing that exemplifies the best version of yourself.

Below we've come up with 5 tips to begin power dressing!

1. Pick your power piece(s)

Go into your closet and decide which piece, or pieces, make you feel the most confident in the work place. This could be a fitted dress, a two-piece suit or blouse and pant combination. Whatever your power piece is, make sure it's well fitted and comfortable, to ensure you look and feel great throughout the entire work day.

2. Choose a blazer

Find a nice quality, neutral blazer that you can pair with anything in your wardrobe. Adding a well fitted blazer to any outfit can make you feel more poized and in charge in the office. It is a perfect staple to power dressing.

3. Prioritize comfort

When heading into an important meeting, presentation, or pitch, the last thing you need to be worried about is the discomfort of your clothing. So while picking your power pieces, make sure they are pieces you can wear all day long! Prioritize your shoes especially -- do not force yourself to wear stilettos all day if they will just cause you discomfort.

4. Make it personal

Wide shouldered black suits being the only option for power dressing is a thing of the past. Personalize your outfits in whatever way makes you feel the most confident! Go for fun prints, bright colors, and unique styles. As long as your look is professional and makes you feel your best during the work day, that's all that matters.

5. Be authentic

Be true to your style while picking your power pieces! If you don't love two-piece suits, then go for a well fitted dress or skirt, and vice versa. You'll feel the most confident if you're being authentic and dressing to your own personal style.

Now you're ready to start power dressing! You'll feel competent, confident and dominant in the office in no time.

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