Black/Dots Kickstands

By Kickstands

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  • Purse to pumps in seconds
    - White dots pattern on one side; solid black on the other
    - Actual colors may vary
    - Reversible design
    - Made in the U.S.A. 
    - One size fits most high heels


  • - Fits Most Heels

  • "It was the summer of 2012. I was traveling 2-3 days a week, zig-zagging the country from one meeting to the next and had just finished a major presentation. Hightailing it through the airport to catch my next flight, my heel slipped off for the millionth time. I grabbed the flats from my purse and returned to my 5’4” stature, suddenly feeling somewhat less spectacular than I had just minutes before.

    "I’m pretty adept at walking in heels. I’ll even go so far as to say I’m comfortable in them. But sneakers they are not. Heels are fashionable, and fashion isn’t always functional.

    "That was a problem for me, because I ADORE heels. Always have. I love how they complete a look, dressing up jeans or shorts, kicking whatever you’re wearing up a notch. I love how heels are unapologetically feminine. Then and there, I decided I was no longer willing to compromise fashion for function.

    "And that’s how Kickstands was born. After searching unsuccessfully for a product that would allow me to wear heels on the go, I decided to make my own. Five years and many prototypes later, I am proud to say I’m no longer settling for flats when I want to wear heels.

    "With Kickstands, I can be fashion-forward without compromising on comfort. And now you can, too." 

    - Michelle Johnson, FOUNDER & CEO

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